Ten albums from 1980: The Year of The Post-Punk Debuts – 25YearsLaterSite.com

I recently retrieved vinyls from my Dads attic and was helped by my 15-year-old niece. She carried the boxes of singles to my car with a pondering look on her face, “what was the point of one song on a record?” she asked. Oh, how technology has changed not only how we purchase and listen to our music but how we receive it in the first place. You had to physically own the vinyl if you wanted to hear it, otherwise, it was a case of waiting for it come onto the radio—I mean imagine!  Yes, I am of the generation who listened to the Chart Show on the radio on a Sunday night with fingers primed on the record button and shouting at the DJ if they spoke over the end of your favourite song. The single was, of course, a precursor to the album, which if bought you listened to all the way through, from start to finish. The success of Tim’s Twitter Listening Parties during lockdown demonstrate how music lovers have loved reconnecting with this way of listening to the album.

1980 was quite a year for debut albums by bands who went on to great success. While revisiting this music I wondered how it is that I could still remember the words of album tracks from 40-odd years ago, but I couldn’t remember what I had for lunch yesterday!

I simply cannot rank these so