Punk Music And Showing Up On Time For Dinner In America – Film Threat

I sincerely hope I have not annoyed everyone I know by constantly talking about how much I love Adam Rehmeier’s film Dinner In America. Actually, in truth, I don’t care, because the movie is awesome and everyone needs to see it. I was lucky enough to see it at Sundance 2020, and I have been championing it all year. I’m glad to report that it just won the audience award at the first-ever NIGHTSTREAM film festival, which was the occasion for this interview. I had an amazing sh*t-shooting session with Adam Rehmeier and the two leads of the film, Kyle Gallner, and Emily Skeggs. This has been one of the most fun times I’ve had on an interview, but it just might be because the people I was talking to were awesome. Read on to see how it went.

So, Adam, I’m going to start with you.
Adam Rehmeier: Oh s**t.

Yeah. Hope you’re ready for this…were you in the punk scene growing up, and is that where this project came from?
Rehmeier: I wasn’t a scenester. I was a kid that was in bands growing up and played shows. More than anything, I was a big avid home recorder. So I spent all my free time with several different circles of friends recording music. So that was like all day, every day what I enjoyed doing when I was younger. So, for me, it’s reflected in the film by what they do in the basement. I feel like when you play