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Wendy's MGK Machine Gun Kelly Pop-Punk Tweets
[Photos via Batu Gezer/Unsplash, Nathan James]

Wendy’s may be best known for their beef and tweets, but a recent Twitter exchange stemming from a Machine Gun Kelly reference just proved once again that pop-punk commentary is well within their realm of expertise.

The series of tweets started Monday in response to a Dunkin’ ad for their new Spicy Ghost Pepper Donut. The post shows a woman donning a donut costume outside a Wendy’s restaurant holding a giant, printed tweet.

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“Listen to the life-sized donut: You don’t have to settle for spicy nuggets. #DunkinSpicySide” The tweet reads, throwing shade at Wendy’s coveted menu item.

“Stick to pushing the food that’s so ‘good’ you took it out of your name,” the Wendy’s account replied, referring to Dunkin’s 2019 name change, “My grandma has more heat in her roasts.”