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Toronto singer-songwriter Luka Kuplowsky​.

Melissa Richards/Handout

It was recently reported in Science magazine that during the COVID-19 shutdown, the songbirds of San Francisco have changed their tunes. With less noise to compete with, the warblers increased the frequency of their songs, but at lower decibels than before.

The same phenomenon seems to be happening in the Canadian indie-music scene, where the soft-rock sounds are mellifluous and multiplying. “Can you hear my voice?” Toronto’s Luka Kuplowsky’s sings on Sayonara Blue, off his sublime new LP Stardust.

We can hear Kuplowsky, just as we can hear the low-key new music from fellow singer-songwriters Bahamas and Jennifer Castle. All three have released gently uninhibited albums this month that stand out in the quiet.

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Stardust, by Luka Kuplowsky

Anyone who listened to CBC Radio One this summer got a lot of coronavirus news and load of Luka Kuplowsky’s Positive Push, a coolly-gliding meditative single that is one seventies mustache shy of being a yacht-rock classic. (Is that a keytar I hear?) On his third album, Stardust, Kuplowsky does wonderful things with jazzy, folk-rock sounds and offbeat philosophy. “Did I make an angel blush with my suffering?” he