In Praise of Pegboy: A Chicago Punk Band, Thirty Years On – Newcity

I have many regrets I can trace back to my college years (an English writing major, trying to take biology and Latin during first periods, not properly using the career services department, an ex-wife), but one of them is not booking Pegboy to play a show when I was in charge of concerts.

Sure, there were triumphs, such as booking Material Issue with openers Madder Rose, and Green with openers The Lilacs, but there were also choices like booking Harm Farm instead of Poster Children and skipping Willy Porter but booking Wally Pleasant (although I don’t regret the latter) and rebooking Judy Gorman-Jacobs when we could have had a shot at either Cocteau Twins (their production budget would have bankrupted the school) or School Of Fish, which in retrospect might not have been worth those “Three Strange Days.”

An intriguing package from one of the booking agents contained a cassette from Pegboy called “Three-Chord Monte.” That EP was released in 1990 shortly after Pegboy (named after an apocryphal nickname for a young boy who was used by seamen for sex) was formed by