‘Tickets to My Downfall’ is punk rock with a twist – The Hofstra Chronicle

Photo courtesy of Genius

Rapper, actor and punk rocker Colson Baker, professionally known as Machine Gun Kelly, released his highly anticipated pop-punk album “Tickets to My Downfall” on Friday, Sept. 25. The album, which was produced by blink-182 drummer Travis Barker and filled with a handful of collaborations, is one for the books. 

Kelly straying from the rap genre was nothing new to fans. In his previous release, “Hotel Diablo,” MGK had sampled Linkin Park on the song “Hollywood Whore” and collaborated with Barker and English punk singer YUNGBLUD on the hit song “I Think I’m OKAY.”  

The first single off the album, “bloody valentine,” entered charts and playlists with a bang, showing fans that Kelly was not playing around with this album. The second single, “concert for aliens,” transported listeners to a whole other planet in a “UFO crash landing.” The third and final single, “my ex’s best friend,” which featured blackbear, gave fans a new collaboration between the two artists for the first time since blackbear’s 2017 song “e.z.” 

The three singles were great, but fans were hungry for more music. Come release day, fans got what they were patiently waiting for. “Tickets to My Downfall” is the perfect mix of punk rock, goofiness, seriousness and an acoustic track at the end. 

The first song, “title track,” slowly starts to reel fans into MGK’s “downfall,” but is really his message to his so-called friends who were never really there for him. In a