Seaway Expands Beyond Their Pop-Punk Roots on ‘Big Vibe’ – American Songwriter

Four albums into their career with the release of Big Vibe, Canadian pop-rockers Seaway have found their niche, and offer a pristine model of how to seamlessly glue the early ‘00s pop punk they grew up with, to their own matured, riff driven alt-rock sound, that digs deep. 

Big Vibe is the record we have been working towards our entire careers,” the band said.

The title track, “Big Vibe” takes all the fun, nostalgia of Fallout Boy and Mayday Parade paired with a new sense and perspective with a sound that is only reminiscent of pop-punk, and instead provides a detour to alternative and pop.

“There was an early demo for this song and parts of it were thrown around for a while, but it just simply wasn’t hitting,” guitarist Andrew Eichinger told American Songwriter about the title track. “Finally, near the end of pre-production when we basically had all the songs mapped out for the album, we decided we should do one more. Once we really started diving in, the song just came together so organically and instantly became everyone’s favorite. It immediately felt like an all-encompassing song for the record and everything the band has done up until this point.”

“We definitely decided to draw from a lot of different influences to create what we think is a pretty dynamic record,” he added. “There’s more rock, there’s more pop. It’s harder, it’s softer. But I think at the end of the day, reaching for new influences that we may not