Anthony Bourdain’s musical hero is a punk rock icon – Far Out Magazine

The late great Anthony Bourdain was much more than just a celebrity chef, he was an embodiment of everything that the punk movement represented and brought that to a whole new field. His documentaries were about as rock ‘n’ roll as you can get and tore up the rulebook on what travelogues could be. With his pioneering approach, Bourdain guided the viewer around the globe through his maverick lens which should come as no surprise considering a selection of his musical heroes.

Bourdain is a figure who became synonymous with non-conformity. Whether through his progressive food, his dedication to the dive bar and all its inhabitants, or his adoration of all things punk, Anthony Bourdain was a bastion of anti-establishment splendour and he was determined to integrate his two passions. This ingrained love of the attitude of music that Bourdain embedded into his world, one which was universally left in a state of mourning following his tragic death in 2018.

The chef was a well-known champion of New York’s punk movement and, somewhat coincidentally, Bourdain was also at the forefront of the food scene as it began to bubble away in the cauldron of NYC’s backstreets. It was a marriage made in heaven for the young Bourdain who saw both chefs and musicians as creative equals, both working in similar undulating patterns, both touching the darkest reaches of the city