These 15 punk albums from 1988 helped shape alternative rock’s future – Alternative Press

Welcome to Alternative Press’ list of the best punk albums from 1988. Which, at the time, would have had most folks scratching their heads. After all, in 1988, the entire world thought punk rock was dead. Look at the charts: Guns N’ Roses and the more lightweight Sunset Strip glam-metal acts were defining “rock ’n’ roll” in the mainstream. And Ronald Reagan was about to give way to George H.W. Bush in the White House. It felt like we’d have a Republican majority forevermore. And Axl Rose and lightweight, manufactured dance-pop star Rick Astley would be ruling the airwaves for just as long. And hardcore was now really fast heavy metal, rather than really fast punk. The more metallic it was, the more it got called speed metal.

But until Green Day’s Dookie hit in 1994, punk did not thrive on the radio or MTV. It blossomed underground. Which is where you will find all the best punk, anyway.

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As the entire world got Rick-rolled, bands such as ALL, Naked Raygun and Bad