‘Tickets to My Downfall’ Proves Pop-Punk is Machine Gun Kelly’s Fastball – Daily Utah Chronicle

Machine Gun Kelly’s fifth studio album “Tickets to My Downfall” is your ticket back to 2005.

Genre Hopping

Colson Baker – whose stage name Machine Gun Kelly has become more real to him than his birth name — dropped his newest album, “Tickets to My Downfall” on Sept. 25, 2020. The project was labeled a departure from his regular genre. While he’s comfortably occupied the rap genre since the beginnings of his label-sponsored career, he’s flirted with rock, metal, hip hop and punk for just as long.

Still, it was unusual to see an MGK album with a consistent narrative. On previous projects, listeners got what I lovingly refer to as “song soup,” bouncing from features with R&B and emo-reminiscent artists to Eminem-esque tracks and Waka Flocka Flame verses. “Bloom,” his 2017 indie-pop album, boasted songs produced by Jesse Shatkin — famous for his work with Selena Gomez and Ellie Goulding — but still let tracks like “Trap Paris” and “Wake + Bake” pull the album in different and confusing artistic directions.

His fourth album, “Hotel Diablo,” was cut from the same cloth as his previous three projects, packaging disconnected songs under a giant “rap” umbrella, and seeing only small bursts of success. However, it featured the most prominent nod yet to the pop-punk album to come, with the first features of Yungblud and, most importantly, Travis Barker of blink-182.

Barker went from sitting on the bench to a full-blown partner on “TTMD,” and his influence, along with that of Pete Wentz